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Poet of Space by TheyCallMeRoxas
Poet of Space

Anjing ended up with a fan class... that I could NOT for the life of me find a reference for.  While looking though, I found a fan aspect sheet by

**EDIT** kpendragon has informed me that made this particular poet god tier.

And I really liked the look of the Poet god tier outfit.

It has a hood usually but I couldn't let Anjing not have his beret.

The King of the Wood by TheyCallMeRoxas
The King of the Wood
Probably the most beautiful thing I have ever personally contributed to any fandom I've ever been in.  I'm so happy with this I think I could cry....
Toothfairy by TheyCallMeRoxas
Your name is TANDEN JUNTAR, you are 8 SWEEPS OLD and have a SLIGHTLY DISTURBING HABIT of COLLECTING TEETH.  You’ll rip them right out of people’s mouth if you take a liking to their pearly whites.  You MAKE THEM INTO JEWELRY and WEAVE THEM INTO YOUR HAIR.  People started talking about a FAIRY THAT BREAKS INTO HIVES AND STEALS TEETH FROM SLEEPING TROLLS.  You liked the story so much, YOU FASHIONED A REALLY SHITTY PAIR OF CARDBOARD WINGS FOR YOURSELF. You might also be just a teensy bit FERAL.

-I used a doll base for a reference if I remember right but I can't seem to find it anymore.  If anyone knows which one it was, can you link me or something?
Devian by TheyCallMeRoxas
So i somehow ended up doing a sketch of a troll spikeisdead​ and I sort of came up with together.  The concept was thought up by me while spikeisdead​ roleplayed him in a skype rp.  Basically, he's the Ring Master of the sect Anjing abandoned.  He was Anjing's friend, mentor and flush crush until he realized what a monster Devian was.  Devian was also obsessively flushed for him (or the idea of him at least) and blackmailed/threatened Anjing into returning to the Carnival under false pretenses.  His intention is to have Dalmon culled and then keep Anjing for himself.


TheyCallMeRoxas's Profile Picture
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United States
I made an askblog for my fantroll *headdesk*
It happened.
It is now a thing.…
I doubt anyone would be to horribly interested but, if you are, feel free to drop an ask and Queryn will respond with a picture/comic-y thing (if I have the time) or, at the very very least, a talksprite response.

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